It is located in Arvada area. Much of the decade of the 1990s is a blur. Large amounts of hair, large clothing, and large ideas were introduced into the world during the decade but were quickly swept away in a huge pile of baggy pants, Discman players, and Sega consoles, all hidden behind the slowly fading squelch of the American Online connection.

An unlikely pair of acquaintances met for the first time before putting their pagers away and then continued to stoke their burgeoning interest in the subject of…well…brewing. Homebrewing, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, the narrative begins.

It was a fantastic hobby, this beer-making thing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A lot of beer was consumed in the process of trial and error. Life happened, as it always does, but they stayed focused on their hobby, and we became proficient at it. Really. People have stated as much. Initially, they served it at home parties and outings, and eventually, the conversation turned to how they could produce more to meet the demands and desires of their adoring public. But even as their corporate lives continued to trundle on, the subject of home brewing continued to resurface, and the idea of actually brewing this stuff for a living remained on their minds.

So, twenty years after the inception of our hobby, Odyssey Beerwerks was established in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible: to turn an enjoyable hobby of brewing fine craft beer into a profitable business. To be able to introduce new and exciting handcrafted beers to our vibrant planet while also enjoying and appreciating all of the people they meet along the way is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable way to “work.”

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