It is located in Arvada, Colorado. Supposedly, the birth of SomePlace Else Brewery occurred in 2016 because Tori instructed Ryan to locate SOMEPLACE ELSE for all of his pinball machines and homebrewing equipment, which was taking up too much space in their home at the time. When Ryan and Tori decided to open SomePlace Else Brewery, it was out of a desire to share their mutual love of beer and pinball with the surrounding community. If you ask Ryan about the name SomePlace Else, he will tell you about his childhood recollections of spending many hours playing Black Knight in a small arcade in Michigan!

Despite the fact that they were working on a tight budget, their devotion to high-quality, flavorful beers and a distinctive customer experience was always at the forefront of their minds. This has always been and will continue to be their primary focus and goal, which is to provide a welcoming, fun, and relaxing hangout for neighborhood residents to enjoy a craft beer straight from the tap and the company of others (as well as a game or two of pinball or skeeball) has been and will continue to be their primary focus and goal.

According to Ryan Parker, the head of brewing at Someplace Else Brewery, it all started with a simple desire to establish a brewery. He began brewing in his garage before forming a partnership with Tori Miller, the head of brewery operations, to launch Someplace Else Brewing Company. The taproom is equipped with a variety of arcade games, including pinball. Furthermore, the beer selection includes a wide variety of varieties that range from IPAs to pilsners and stouts to name a few.

For Ryan Parker, Head Brewer at Someplace Else Brewery, brewing began as a result of his curiosity about the process and his passion for beer. He set out to develop a home brewing system in his garage, and he hasn’t looked back since then. Keeping things clean, using high-quality ingredients (no extracts, no extracts, no extracts), and discovering new ways to make each brew better with greater efficiency and attention to detail are the main goals for Ryan when brewing. Finally, Ryan enjoys testing new beers and keeping the taps fresh, while always ensuring that our foundation beers are of the highest quality.

Tori (Head of Brewery Operations…also known as HOBO) was motivated to open a brewery by a desire to establish a business in her neighborhood that would bring people together. Tori has always been interested by the world of business operations. She created a full-fledged snack bar at the neighborhood pool when she was a teenager simply because it sounded like fun. She went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from both Cornell University and Colorado State University. In today’s world, she works behind the scenes as the numbers person and as the welcoming face behind the bar, where she enjoys meeting all of the new people that come to visit and is always delighted to see the regulars. She also happens to be a huge STAR WARS fan!

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