It is located in Arvada, CO area. Talnua. The name Talamh Nua is derived from the Irish-Gaelic terms ‘Talamh’, which means ‘Land,’ and ‘Nua,’ which means ‘New’. The distillery, in a nutshell, explains their tale and expresses their enthusiasm for bringing an old-world style of distilling to the new land that is America. Their insignia depicts a Big Horn Ram, which is endemic to the area, on the Flatirons of Colorado’s Front Range. It is looking backward at a triskele moon, which represents the Irish-Gaelic old world, which is where the distillation practices they commemorate may be found. Faugh a Ballagh, as they say in Ireland. Their motto is ‘Clear the Way’ for the new American Single Pot Still, which allows you to discover an entirely new world of character and flavor.

Patrick and Meagan were on their honeymoon in Galway, Ireland when they decided to see the 2011 Ireland vs. USA Rugby World Cup match. It was an exciting moment for them when they learned that the first Single Pot Still Whiskey in decades had been released by an enthusiastic bartender. During his presentation, he regaled them with stories of the nearly extinct kind of whiskey and his belief that one day, Single Pot Still whiskey will reclaim its proper place on the global stage.

When the pair met, they fell in love at first sight, and their devotion was permanently etched in the history of Single Pot Still Whiskey. With a family history entrenched in Irish lineage, the pair made an annual pilgrimage to Ireland, where they knew that single pot still whiskey would be a part of their tale for the rest of their lives. Knowing that Single Pot Still Whiskey was not yet accessible in the United States, they set out to build the world’s first Single Pot Still distillery outside of the country of Ireland. They wished to introduce this style of whiskey to the United States and infuse it with the terroir of the country, while also paying homage to Gaelic distilling traditions, the immigrant soul, and the pioneering spirit of the people of America.

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